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By No Balls




When I said goodbye to Turd Burglar          on Monday morning he whispered in my ear: “Don’t forget what you promised me!” “I won’t!” I answered.

You might be wondering what we talked about, but this is it! The Surabaya 2007 Reunion Weekend Write-Up! Of course he caught me off guard, weakened by the intake of numerous Bintangs when he originally popped the question!

To be fair, he could have asked a number of people since I was certainly not the only one drinking. The official number of beer bottles consumed over the weekend was 700. For your information this does not include the warming up on Thursday evening nor the cooling down on Sunday night!

Of the 24 participants there were only about 10 beer drinkers proving that the ex-Surabaya Hashers can still hold their own.

I have to start with thanking Our Sole      ,

Soft Tongue       ,

Suzie Comes           

and Turd Burglar for a fantastic weekend!

Because of Our Sole’s health problems more of the organization was taken over by Turd Burglar and Suzie Comes, the latter dealing with the hotel bookings, all the transport issues etc etc. We really appreciated all your efforts and we have a nice T-shirt to remember the event

Our Sole is well on the way to recovery and he’s improving on a daily basis. Call him on Skype and he’ll tell you so himself!













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