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Arrival of the pack


The majority of the group arrived on Thursday and they were:

Allcock, Wet Pussy and their son Ryan from Holland


Lidolibido and  Hot Rod from Mudville Surabaya plus their daughter Strawberry Fart  and granddaughter Pipi Langcous 


Turd Burglar and Suzie Comes from Germany (see above)

Stinkerbell  and Sniffer from Dubai   


No Balls from China (see above)

Flasher  from Jakarta and Penthouse Pet  from Australia


Spare Part, Doggy Bag and their daughter Alexandra from the Philippines


Lemon Tart from OZ

The following day Kaka (for us known as Mork) and Grand Mattress (known as Mindy) from Delhi, India, arrived



and the last ones were:  

Shit Vicious  and Sex Bristols (to us known as Milkshake)

from Singapore.








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