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Reunion run number 3

(run 1 and 2 were in Tytherington, Somerset in 2002)

2002 people

was set by Allcock, No Balls and Turd Burglar a mere 90 minutes drive outside Kuta at the SOS German Children’s Village (an orphanage). The trip by bus was kept interesting by Lemon Tart warning fellow passengers of every bump and hole in the road and also by Pipi Langcous’ singing.



The run started at 3pm and by 4:30 everybody was back for a sandwich followed by the down-downs.

All in:



Shit was the appointed Hash Master for the weekend and was in splendid form, like Kaka said; “Where does he get all that shit from?” Well, if Kaka doesn’t know, who does?

The hares got a down-down! Not quite sure why, since I thought the hares were doing such a great job! They got the locals to go with them on a reccie and to make sure they wouldn’t get lost the locals went on the trail-laying-expedition as well.


Problem was they were also telling the runners which way to go, which was something we failed to pass on! Surely, that’s not a down-downable offence is it?


There were down-downs for new shoes (Lidolibido and Flasher), old shoes (Wet Pussy and Stinkerbelle), misnamers (Shit, Turd Burglar to name but a few), low profilers, entertainers (Pipi),

piss pourers (Heather and Lee our hosts), 


stand-in Master of Music (No Balls – they should have learned, see later note!), Hash Masters never drink alone (Our Sole, Allcock, Lidolibido, Sniffer, Shit Vicious, Kaka


  - this call was repeated a few times since ex-Hash Masters don’t learn very quickly!), Hash-Cash Report made by Turd Burglar etc.etc……

Beautiful t-shirts were distributed by Soft Tongue and Our Sole:



The way home was made a lot more pleasant by big cool-boxes of beer and the singing of Hash songs.

Unfortunately we had Flasher on board who tried to live up to his name and not only got out for the boys’ stop but also for the girls’ stop.

A quick shower and back to the Kubuku for Heather’s good old roast dinner which went down very well indeed.

Grand Mattress got quite a few of us on the dance floor and No Balls turned out to be the only one with a song book. She made an attempt to be an Offal stand-in, but since this poor women had not been at the front of the queue when they were handing out the singing voices I will spare you the details, but it did get the group off their chairs! The favourite songs are still: With my hands on myself, Swing Low and Malang Road or maybe those are the only songs we remembered. We did make an attempt at Waves and Waves, but definitely needed a Welshman for that! Offal, where were you?



Saturday Night Fever

At a slightly earlier hour than the night before we left the Kubuku since we all wanted to be fit and ready for the Live Hare Run on Sunday morning.............................
















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