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By this time Suzie Comes was totally into organizing and was supplying Nasi Goreng to all who needed a break from the Masa Inn eggs served on the hardest toast I’ve ever come across.

Sniffer had volunteered to be the live hare and was given 2 minutes head start. We didn’t catch him before we reached the beer stop.


and we didn’t catch him on the way home either, although Shit Vicious came within 50 meters. A very cleverly laid run!

The circle this time was at the Kubuku (where else?)

Shit was again the appointed Hash Master, assisted this time by Allcock as the Master of Music. Flasher, the self-appointed Piss Pourer, did such a great job that he was fired on the spot and replaced by Penthouse Pet.

Lemon Tart was found to be a Soft Tongue immitator, some other look-alikes were found, the hare was suitably punished, as were various good and bad occurences. The one worth mentioning is that Shit received a Down-Down for continuously misnaming Turd Burglar by calling him Turd Burger, which is actually not a bad name at all!



This, however, was not the end of the weekend. Turd Burglar had booked a large table on the beach on Sun Set Road where we had some excellent sea food while watching ……. “Yes, you’ve got that right!”  …..the sun set.



Monday morning was time to say goodbye, but not before promising that

we would meet again from 25 to 27 June, 2010 in The Netherlands.

No Balls











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