Who wants to surabaya-hash in Europe look at this:

Dear hashers,

it was a bit difficult to find all contacts, addresses, telephone numbers or whatsoever was required to organize the reunion. Therefore, we would like to ask everybody who reads this page to send his data asap.

Data wanted:

1. Names and hash names of all family members who may want to join the next reunion

2. Full postal address

3. Current e-mail address(es)

4. Telephone Number(s)

5. Any information about changes later on

You can use the "feedback" page to send it. The Dutch people will thank you for your assistance...............

Please read also the following name list carefully. Several e-mail addresses are still missing. Names are marked with an "X" and some addresses did not work.

If you know something about their addresses, please mail it.

If you know and want different people to attend next time, mail their dates too!

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